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Tell us about yourself / what you do in Vancouver?

I identify first and foremost as a Toronto transplant. I moved out west in 2013 to work for a small but growing tech company and I never looked back. Since moving to Vancouver I've become a fitness pro (I've been working as a group fitness instructor for 2+ years and I currently teach at RIDE Cycle Club in Yaletown), and I've left the private sector to work for a profit organization. 


What gets you fired up everyday?

Honestly, music gets me pretty pumped up no matter what. I'm passionate about many things, and easily excitable, but music is what makes me feel like I'm at home wherever I am. I am also a bit of a social butterfly - I have FOMO pretty much 24/7 so I'm always finding ways to be around people in any way I can.


 Why do you love summer camp?

Other than the fact that "Wet Hot American Summer" is one of my favourite movies/mini series of all time, I love camp because it brings me out of my element. I'm a city kid at heart so being so far removed from an urban centre feels really foreign and jarring to me. I always come back from camp/cottage country feeling lighter and more capable of slowing down.

Whats your best camp memory?

Learning how to make s'mores for the first time #neverforget


What's your camp intention / what are you looking forward to most @ Camp Camp

My intention is to take some space and reset some of my priorities for this year - something I have a hard time doing in my day-to-day life in Vancouver. I'm also really looking forward to making some new friends and causing some trouble with some strangers!


What are your three essential items

Boss speaker

A good book: I'll be reading Sheryl Sandberg's "Option B" at camp this year



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