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Tell us about yourself / what you do in Vancouver? 

Hi! I'm Jennifer Brott and I am the principal nutritionist and founder of a nutritional consulting company called My Edible Advice. I'm a maritime girl at heart. I love people, gatherings, celebrating, and dinner conversations that linger until the candles burn out. My family and friends are everything. I am a nurturer. I love my family, my friends, and my business to the nth degree. I am pretty sure I could live on Everett's giggles alone (that's my son). Forest bathing is my favourite and the sound of the ocean is my cure all. 

What gets you fired up everyday? 

Everyday I am fired up by my core belief that nourishing yourself kindly is the starting point for everything. Fuelling yourself properly is key and I love helping my clients figure out what that looks like for their unique needs.

Why do you love summer camp?

To me, summer camp means care free bliss. I grew up going to camp and then went on to be a camp counsellor because I was so addicted. The friendships that I made at camp, both as a camper and a counsellor, are still my ride or dies. 

Whats your best camp memory?

My best camp memory is actually from when I worked at ISCM in Switzerland. A camp fire in the heart of the Alps is hard to beat. 


What's your camp intention / what are you looking forward to most @ Camp Camp

I am looking forward to a weekend in nature with rad people.

What are your three essential items?

Items.... so, that excludes people, right? Well, my water bottle, a hair elastic, and as terrible as this is to admit, I rely heavily on my phone. Sounds like I need to go to camp to recalibrate! 


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