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Tell us about yourself / what you do in Vancouver? 

Hi! I'm Ashley Moore, your Camp Co-Captain. I grew up in the maritimes and settled into Toronto working for Much/MTV after university. Then, five years ago I was on vacation in Thailand with a friend and that's when I met Nader, my partner in crime. After a few years long distance, I took the leap across this great country of ours to start some new roots. I've now been in Vancouver for 3 years and have been doing Corporate Communications for retail and exploring the mountains and enjoying the pacific air ever since.

Side hustles are such a hot topic with millennials right now, which brings us to Camp Camp.

What gets you fired up everyday? 

Wonder and community. I think there's something so beautiful about curiosity and what it can add to your day. Then, people and connection are everything. I am so in love with and inspired by the tribe around me. 

Why do you love summer camp?

Besides summers on my parent's boat, my best childhood memories were made at summer camp - from crawling in mud pits (every kid's dream) to campfire nights and meeting some of my besties (Jennifer Brott included!) When you wake up and the main intention of your day is to have fun - what's there not to love?

Whats your best camp memory?

Well, this is a tough one because camp = magic in my mind. But.... that aforementioned mud pit at Camp Medley in New Brunswick is pretty high up there. Also, I was the music counsellor at Timberlake Camp in upstate New York one summer, so seeing my campers perform their hearts out with our camp musicals was pretty special.


What's your camp intention / what are you looking forward to most @ Camp Camp

Getting to know and spending some QT with all of my new besties, learning a few new skills, disconnecting from the city life for a weekend and the bonfires. 

What are your three essential items?

1. Sunscreen - sun burns are no bueno

2. Good vibes - all ways, always.

3. My phone - music, camera, (digital) connection


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