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Tell us about yourself / what you do in Vancouver? 

My goal is to touch as many people in Vancouver as possible, in a non creepy way! I am the founder of Feelosophy Yoga where I teach yoga classes that are inspired by as much hands on massage and touch as possible. I believe that touch is lacking, and it is one of the best ways to feel connected to yourself and others. Touch also releases oxytocin so makes you feel amazing. When I am not touching my way around town, I teach yoga at Distrikt Movement and work passionately with Girlvana Yoga to bring yoga to highschools and teenage girls around Canada and the U.S

What gets you fired up everyday? 

My incredible community. Knowing that anything is possible, and that life can change in an instance but that is why it is so magical. 3 cups of coffee in the morning always fires me up. 

Why do you love summer camp?

I love forming close connections with new people, and the life long friendships that always develop from it. I love staying up late, sharing stories and laughing into the early morning. I love bonfires and shared meals, and sneaking off to jump into the lake! 

Whats your best camp memory?

I was a camp counselor when I was 16, and I met my boyfriend at camp, he was also a camp counselor, but it was against the rules to date so we kept it a secret and would sneak off to make out (haha I was a rule breaker, and probably not the most responsible, but hey what can I say it was summer love) 


What's your camp intention / what are you looking forward to most @ Camp Camp

To find a camp boyfriend and sneak off to makeout... just kidding! My intention is to connect with new and incredible people, to spend the weekend laughing and trying out new classes and workshops. I want to swim in the lake as much as possible even if it is freezing cold, and to share my marshmallow roasting techniques with everyone. 

What are your three essential items?

Headlamp, perfect for late night shenanigans. Peanut butter (who doesn't love a chocolate and PB s'more combo). Goddess Cards, I love pulling cards around the fire. 


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