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Tell us about yourself / what you do in Vancouver?

I live in beautiful Deep Cove. I am a middle school Counsellor and my passion is in working with youth. I am a fitness instructor at The Distrikt, and also have a little side hustle called SIDEBAR Soap where I get to let the creativity flow by creating handmade, all-natural soap for people to enjoy. I am an advocate for self-care in every avenue of my life.. physical, mental, emotional.. we've got to take good care of ourselves, guys!   


What gets you fired up everyday?

Connection - to others, to nature, and to myself. There's no other feeling like that sense of an authentic exchange. Getting real, getting deep. 


Why do you love summer camp? 

Summer camp is the best! I have a huge love for the great outdoors. And coming together with a group of people to instill this sense of community while appreciating all that Mother Nature has to offer? So good! Plus, camp is so much fun!! Tapping into that inner 10 year old kid (doesn't take much for me), bunk beds, bonfires, playing games, making crafts, staying up too late, waking up really early, I'm so stoked!

What's your best camp memory?

Under the stars, campfire, cozy blankets, smores, guitars, singing at the top of our lungs, and watching the sun come up. Heaven. 


What's your camp intention / what are you looking forward to most @ Camp Camp

I'm really looking forward to offering a DIY workshop centered around self-care. Making natural bath and body products, having a discussion around self-love, and how essential oils and aromatherapy can play a big role in our holistic wellness. I'm also looking forward to diving into all of the other activities being offered, meeting all kinds of new people, and spreading this vibe to a bigger collective. 


What are your three essential items?

My guitar. My journal. And my little kit of EOs (essential oils), cards and crystals.


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